Make sure your curfew is reasonable  Having her home by a certain time will protect her time and life and help her learn responsibility .
Before she goes out make sure she knows her curfew and the consequences for breaking it

Tips: A good curfew allows your teenager enough time to form relationships and do something meaningful with friends.
         A good curfew provides for safety. Make the curfew early enough to protect teen from being in situations where he might be vulnerable
         A good curfew allows for sufficient sleep time
         A good curfew has the teen’s buy in
         Know when to wait up – when not good at keeping curfew or sneaking in and out of house

Deal with Violations:
Establish a consequence and follow through with it i.e. the addition of something the teen doesn’t want, or the removal of something she does
        e.g.removal of some social time – Follow through

Differentiate between reasons and excuses– some examples
–  I had an emergency – make sure legitimate
– My ride was late – a reason the first time
– I lost track of the time – excuse
– The movie got out late – an excuse
– But I called to tell you I would be late – she still has violated curfew