You have the power to make a difference to your teen’s life, simply by getting to know him and his world.

So you know you don’t have it alone the following lists some of the typical behaviours of teens
  • Has disrespectful attitude towards parents, family and others
  • Challenges requests or rules
  • Is self absorbed and unable to see things from anyone else’s perspective
  • Is lazy and careless about responsibilities
  • Has a negative attitude towards life, school or people
  • Is emotionally withdrawn and distant from you
  • Has a tendency to pick friends of whom you disapprove
  • Erupts into anger that sometimes seems to come out of nowhere
  • Lacks motivation for school and fails to maintain grades
  • Neglects home chores and responsibilities
  • Has mood shifts that seem to have neither rhyme nor reason
  • Is mean to siblings or friends
  • Lacks interest in spiritual matters
  • Detaches from family events and wants to be with friends only
  • Lies and is deceptive about activities
  • Is physically aggressive and violent
  • Is truant from school or runs away
  • Abuses substances – alcohol, drugs, pornography, etc
  • Engages in sexual activity

In our parenting endeavours, we often fail to understand our children. and our teenage son or daughter constantly remind us of this failure.They are going through various changes both physical and psychological. And as parents, we need to maintain the balance between governance and camaraderie. That is why I’ve got you these pointers so that you could try to have a little better connection with your ‘teenager’ than what you already have…

How many DO you identify with?
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